I represent indigent clients in California state criminal appeals by court appointment on a part-time basis. I have won reversals of convictions in:

  • People v. Kratt, 2019 WL 5999281 (reversal of conviction for burglary)
  • People v. Yagao, 2018 WL 4326404 (reversal of conviction for transportation of marijuana)
  • People v. Orlosky, 233 Cal.App.4th 257 (2015) (reversal of conviction for marijuana cultivation)

  • I have also obtained favorable sentencing results in People v. Dominguez, D075828 (2020) (striking prison prior enhancements pursuant to Senate Bill 136), People v. Jose, E063253 (2016) (reversing trial court’s decision to increase subordinate-term sentence following successful Proposition 47 petition), People v. Medrano, D068486 (2016) (striking fee and modifying probation conditions), and People v. Burgan, D064075 (2014) (striking petty theft conviction and reducing court assessments).

    I am admitted to practice in California. I only accept cases by court appointment at this time. This website is not intended to solicit an attorney-client relationship.